Ken Cooper’s kitten

In 1983, Ken Cooper’s 3-year career as an armed felon ended when he was sentenced to 99 years in Florida’s infamous prison—The Rock. With just five guards controlling 900 inmates, The Rock was a hell hole of knifings, beating, murders, and rape. But while there, Ken Cooper heard the gospel through a brave prison chaplain and became a follower of Jesus. Soon some of Ken’s cellmates did too, and their lives began to change.

     One day Ken and his friends adopted a kitten that they named Magoo. Magoo’s back had been broken and his eyes had been blinded by acid–cruel acts committed by other inmates. But Ken and the other kind inmates held Magoo each day, took turns feeding him, and even prayed for his sight to return. Magoo was lavished with love. And his sight did return!

                To Our Health:

     The justice system could punish Ken and his cellmates, but it couldn’t change their hearts. The kindness shown to Magoo revealed the transformation taking place inside them.

     The apostle Paul once  lamented that many of his fellow Jews rejected Jesu for the Old Testament law. Paul’s response was that while that law was good, it could only condemn when we broke it. Like the civil law that judged Ken Cooper, the law exposes our bad deeds and sentences us.

    In contrast, Jesus, by His Spirit, offers inner transformation. He enters our lives and starts restoring our souls to make us “more and more like Hi. as we are changed into His glorious image. We are freed and changes.

     For Paul, the good-but-condemning law was no match for the good and transforming Spirit. Ken Cooper would concur, for God’s grace turned hardened criminals into kitten-loving gentlemen—–Sheridan Voysey

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