Prepare to Live



In 1931, Jane Whyte felt she was nearing the end of her life. Her husband Alexander, the famous Scottish preacher, had died 10 years earlier. As she looked at the world around her, she was depressed by the moral and political chaos. There seemed to be no reason for her to go on, nothing for her o do.

At dinner one evening, she sat next to a man who sensed her dejection. “What is your greatest concern?” he asked. “I’m preparing to die,” said Mrs. Whyte. “Why not prepare to live?” he suggested.

That was the question Mrs. Whyte needed to hear to break the deadlock in her life. She began to see that God wanted her to live and to touch others for Him. Her attitude changed and within a year she led a Christian outreach team in a mission to Geneva, Switzerland. That trip profoundly affected the lives of many people.

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Life can seem overwhelming at times, but God offers us hope. Paul wrote, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit “.

Regardless of your age or circumstances, don’ despair and prepare to die.” Believers in Christ can prepare to live filled with hope, joy and peace. —-DCM

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Better than Words


When we are with people who are grieving or suffering, we may feel a need to fill the awkwardness of the occasion with words. Not to say something, we fear is to let them down. We may even find ourselves avoiding the bereaved because we’re afraid we won’t know what to say.

     Author Joe Bayly, who lost three sons through death, described two examples of comfort he had received during his deepest grief; “Someone came and talked to me of God’s dealings of why it happened. of hope beyond the grave. He talked constantly and said things I knew were true. I was unmoved, except to wish he’d go away. He finally did.

     “Another came and sat beside me. He didn’t talk. He didn’t ask leading questions. He just sat beside me for an hour and more, listened when I said something, answered briefly, prayed simply and left. I was moved. I was comforted, I hated to see him go.”

     Job experienced similar emotions. In his grief, he too had craved silent support from his friends. He cried out, “Oh, that you would be silent , and it would be your wisdom!’. Instead, he was worn down by their many words.

     The next time you’re with people who are grieving, allow you presence to be their comfort.


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Here Comes The Boss


 A number of computer games come with a special feature called the “Boss Key”. If you’re playing a game when you’re supposed to be working, and someone (Like the boss) walks into your office, you quickly strike the Boss Key. Your computer screen changes immediately hiding what you’ve been doing.


     Trying to hide from others when we’ve done something wrong comes naturally. We may feel guilty, but our desire to avoid admitting our responsibility is often stronger than our guilt.

     Achan tried to hide his sin. He had stolen silver and gold and hidden it is his tent. But when the Israelites were defeated in battle, the Lord told their leader Joshua that the loss was due to sin in the camp. The Lord identified Achan as the one who had sinned. And even though Achan confessed, he and his family were executed.

     We may not understand why God disobedient, it’s time to come out of hiding. God is lovingly calling you and offering. His cleansing, forgiveness,m and restoration.

by Anne Cetas

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The Handmaid’s Tale

By (author)  Margaret Atwood

Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead. She has only one function: to breed. If she deviates, she will, like dissenters, be hanged at the wall or sent out to die slowly of radiation sickness. But even a repressive state cannot obliterate desire – neither Offred’s nor that of the two men on which her future hangs.